5 Ways Extremists End up Alone

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Being an extremist is a surefire way to burn a lot of bridges and piss a lot of people off. This article is not about which side is right or wrong, everyone is entitled to believe what they want. Instead we focus on the effects of those choices and beliefs.

An Extremist: “Someone so caught up in a single paradigm that it absorbs most of their thought and speech, making it nearly impossible for them to communicate or accept alternative paradigms.”

An Extremist is often known as annoying or downright batshit crazy. They oftentimes lack a sense of humor and many people think they believe unusual or uncommon things. Read more…

Wayne Dyer on Happiness, The Alley Cat Story

Wayne Dyer has a lot of quotes and sayings about happiness and getting there. One of his most memorable quotes is, “There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.”

Which simply means that you cannot get to happiness by acquiring things or searching for it. Happiness is a state of mind, a feeling, a choice. Happiness is found within and is not external to you. You get to choose how you feel.

While that may be the most often quotes line on happiness from Wayne Dyer, there is a story about an Alley cat that I have read in his books and heard in some of his speeches that I have really enjoyed so I will share it with you. Read more…

McDonalds Would Have to Fire Over 500,000 Employees to Afford a Minimum Wage of $13

There’s been a lot of talk circulating about raising the minimum wage to something around $13 an hour. I’ve heard that companies like McDonalds can afford to pay their workers that much. I decided to dig into some numbers to see if that was even possible, I found out that it wasn’t.

I don’t often source my work but for this article all my sources can be found at the bottom. Keep in mind this is a philosophy website, while these numbers are as accurate as their sources, the point of this article is to change the way you think about raising minimum wage.

In 2013 McDonalds had 1.8 million employees. In order to comply with a minimum wage increase to $13, McDonalds would have to fire a lot of these employees, even if it gave away all of its profits for that year directly to employees.

With a $13 minimum wage, McDonalds would have to reduce it’s employees to approximately 1,277,038 or fire about 523,000 employees to break even with $13 minimum wage. While doing that it would have to maintain it’s current output, locations, and revenue with about 30% less workers which is probably impossible. Read more…

How to Tell if Someone is Faking It or Making It

After years of studying and observing the rich and poor looking for differences between the two groups I’ve noticed one indicator that can be used with surprising accuracy to determine whether someone is faking it or making it.

The two key indicators have to do with their car and their house. By looking at those two things you can almost always guess which group someone belongs to and gain a lot of insight to their financial intelligence.

For the purposes of this article, those “making it” are known as millionaires or those with the ability to become and stay one. Those “faking it” is everyone else, including millionaires that run a high risk to fall out of the “millionaire club”. Read more…

The Meaning of Not a Bad Thing by Justin Timberlake

Both men and women that have been through tough relationships end up feeling like they aren’t worthy of being loved. The effects of a bad relationship can be so traumatizing that people end up building walls to avoid intimacy and commitment to others.

They begin to attach the feeling of pain and misery to the feeling of love. They know that although they might be able to fall in love with someone, in the end, they will only end up getting hurt. They have concluded that it’s better to avoid love entirely then to put themselves out there again only to be let down. Read more…

Southwest Flight Attendant Comedian Fired

Thanks and no thanks to social media giants like youtube and facebook, the Southwest Airlines Flight attendant video that went viral this week resulted in her termination.  If you haven’t seen it yet, take a look, it’s being called one of the most entertaining safety demos given on an airline. Read more…

When Your Best Isn’t Good Enough

What happens when you’ve done your best but your best just isn’t good enough for your partner?

Some people won’t accept that you are giving it your best because you don’t do things exactly like they would.  It’s really aggravating when you may not even agree with what needs to be done in the first place, but you give it your all anyway, only to go unnoticed.

The real problem is that your partner is trying to change you and you should never have to change someone to be with them.  If you feel the need to change someone, then you probably shouldn’t be in a relationship. Read more…

When You Think You Do More Than Your Partner

The downfall of any relationship starts to occur when you or your partner begin to feel like you are contributing more to the relationship than the other. Most people become blind to the significance of their partners contribution and stop valuing it.

We become so accustomed to our partners contribution that we treat it as an autonomous contribution rather than an active one. This allows us to ignore our partners core contribution and focus on other things. Sure, taking out the trash, doing dishes, and taking care of the kids are important, but they are not the only areas of responsibility.

Even though one partner may bust their ass, take care of all of the bills, and support everyone in the house, the other person seems to easily forget that they do anything at all. Now the fighting starts as they demand more of their partner in addition to the massive load of responsibility and contributions they already have. Read more…

94 People Killed During a Walking Dead Flash Mob

April 9th, 2014 – An unfortunate tragedy unfolded today between a flash mob and a rural Texas farmer when the farmer opened fire in what he thought was a real zombie attack.

Over 200 people that were pulling a flash mob prank decided to take their pranks for a stroll into the country — a big mistake.

The farmer, whose name has not yet been released, was out in his field tending to a horse when he noticed the flash mob off in the distance coming closer to the farm. This wasn’t just any flash mob, the entire group was dressed and acting like the zombies from the hit TV show, “Walking Dead.” Read more…

4 Things You Need To Fix Before You Get Married Again

Things get messy after a divorce no matter how clean you think they are. Before you get married you want to make sure that you’ve completely sealed off and contained the disaster that was your previous marriage. The last thing you want to happen is for things from a previous marriage to pile over into your new one, it adds unnecessary stress and stretches a person thin.

To me, a new marriage or any marriage is a fresh start on life. It’s a reset button, a chance for a breath of fresh air, a new life, and a new start, with a new person.

To me that means that everything you were and everything you had in your last marriage, stays in your last marriage, excluding kids, sometimes you want to bring those along with you. Your kids will always be your kids no matter what happens but your spouse can disappear at any given moment. Read more…

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