A Job Plan for Wisconsin that Works by Jim Belec

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Proof that an everyday average guy can become a local hero overnight. Michigan Resident, Jim Belec, decided to take matters into his own hands when he crossed the border and set out Friday March 6th to raise awareness for the failing Wisconsin Economy.

Mr Belec decided to dedicate his 40th Birthday to helping sustain Wisconsin jobs with his 40 Beers and 40 Bars challenge. When asked why he would embark on such a quest to raise awareness for a state he wasn’t even a resident of, he had this to say. Read more…

Choice is at the Root of all Unhappiness

Too many choices lead to confusion, unhappiness, and regret. No matter what we decide, we later think about all the options we left behind.

As technology advances so do our choices. There are now 40 different toothpastes to choose from, 50 different loaves of bread, and even milk isn’t the same anymore. There’s whole milk, skim milk, 2% milk, 1% milk, coconut milk, almond milk, rice milk, and every type of milk you can possibly think of.

We have so many choices that a greater and greater portion of our lives are wasting away while we decide things. We’ve switched from actively doing things to actively thinking about things and it’s getting worse. Read more…

There are Two Ways to Handle All Relationship Problems

There are two ways to handle all relationship problems. You can try to change the other person or you can try to change yourself. Only one of these has a proven track record of success.

Let’s face it, no matter how perfect of a relationship you think you might be in, the chances of never having a disagreement are probably not even realistic. Let us assume that each person in a relationship is a unique individual and that each of you has some quantity of beliefs or values that differ from each other.

Let’s assume that you have different personalities, thought processes, and just generally a different way of going about things. You are different because your life experiences are different. The things you had to go through to get to where you are today were probably vastly different than the person you’re with. If they aren’t, then you should probably stop dating relatives… Read more…

Being Content is a Dream Crusher

Ever wonder why you don’t get all the things out of life that you feel you deserve? Ever look at another person envious of how “lucky” they are? Have you ever thought to yourself, “There has to be something more to life than this?”

One of the biggest things holding you back from getting what you really want is yourself. This has become a very over used cliche that nobody stops to really think about.

It’s about being more than your own worst enemy and constantly screwing up. It’s the very subtle things that you don’t even realize you’re doing to yourself.

It’s the way that you talk to yourself — your inner dialogue is always screwing you over. It talks you out of pursuing opportunities and tricks you into believing that you don’t really need or want something.

Being content is a dream crusher. Read more…

How to Run a Race with Hills – When Mind over Matter Doesn’t Matter

If you’re a runner you’ve probably been exposed to the belief system of mind over matter, or mind over body, which is a simple way of saying that you can go beyond the physical limitations of your body and push yourself to do better if you simply believe that you can.

When we talk about running, the biggest challenge we face in a race is really a mental battle. Should I keep going, should I slow down, should I go faster, should I give up? The question is posed in our heads over and over as we push ourselves to our limits.

When we reach our limits physically we can make our body keep giving us just a little bit more. Read more…

Grow Your Beard, Grow Your Business

They say every 9 out of 10 business startups fail, of the ones that make that harsh cut, 9 out of those 10 will fail in the first 5 years. What’s that have to do with growing a beard? Nothing. But if you want your business to be successful, then fellas (and some ladies) you may want to consider growing a beard.

Sex appeal sells and everybody knows it. Get an ugly person to do a commercial selling beauty products, no sales. Hire a beautiful person, and watch your business flourish.

You may be thinking, “Wait, that only makes sense, if you’re selling something that’s supposed to make you more beautiful, then naturally, you want to hire a beautiful person and pretend they use that product don’t you?.” Read more…

Why It’s Easier To Help Others With Their Relationships

If it seems easier to help others see their faults and fix problems with their relationship — that’s because it is. There is no trickery involved, it simply has to do with two important things, listening and taking responsibility for your shortcomings.

This is one area where lead by example does not apply.

Some people will tell you not to take advice from a relationship counselor that has problems in their relationships, citing if they can’t fix their own relationship what makes you think they can fix yours.

So they tell you to take relationship advice from the counselor that has been “happily” married for 40 years instead.

The problem with this old adage is somewhat obvious. Read more…

Accepting Flaws with Unconditional Love

You’ll often hear people tell you that if you truly love somebody that you’ll accept them for who they are, flaws and all.

I like to say that when you truly love somebody you don’t see any flaws and that you accept them for who they are.

Critics have found problems with both of those sayings.

However I believe it’s not a problem with the saying but rather a problem with the interpretation of the critic. There are base assumptions everyone has about true love and if you haven’t really experienced it you can’t really understand what the base really is that would make both of these sayings “flawless.” Read more…

5 Ways to Get Equality from Your Relationship

When it comes to people and relationships, both problems and great situations, are met with unequal reactions.

For problems, there are things that are really big problems for one partner but not so much an issue for the other partner and vice-versa.

For great situations, there are things you’ll do for your partner and expect that it will be met with appreciation and enthusiasm only to come to find that they aren’t that big of a deal to your partner.

You’re going to run across both of these scenarios in every relationship, how you respond to them will determine how long you make it.

Your relationship is probably equal, even though you may not think so. There I said it.

Read more…

You Are All Alone

People are infinitely different yet we are able to form relationships with others based on a small number of things we feel we have in common.

When we get to know someone we are only able to take snapshots of that person and recreate an image of them in our own mind. We can never get inside their head and think the way they think or feel the way they feel.

But every now and then we meet someone with a brain that operates at the same frequency as ours — for some things at least.

This causes us to finish each others sentences, say or sing the same thing at the same time, like the same things, or even think the same things. Read more…

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