Grow Your Beard, Grow Your Business

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They say every 9 out of 10 business startups fail, of the ones that make that harsh cut, 9 out of those 10 will fail in the first 5 years. What’s that have to do with growing a beard? Nothing. But if you want your business to be successful, then fellas (and some ladies) you may want to consider growing a beard.

Sex appeal sells and everybody knows it. Get an ugly person to do a commercial selling beauty products, no sales. Hire a beautiful person, and watch your business flourish.

You may be thinking, “Wait, that only makes sense, if you’re selling something that’s supposed to make you more beautiful, then naturally, you want to hire a beautiful person and pretend they use that product don’t you?.” Read more…

Why It’s Easier To Help Others With Their Relationships

If it seems easier to help others see their faults and fix problems with their relationship — that’s because it is. There is no trickery involved, it simply has to do with two important things, listening and taking responsibility for your shortcomings.

This is one area where lead by example does not apply.

Some people will tell you not to take advice from a relationship counselor that has problems in their relationships, citing if they can’t fix their own relationship what makes you think they can fix yours.

So they tell you to take relationship advice from the counselor that has been “happily” married for 40 years instead.

The problem with this old adage is somewhat obvious. Read more…

Accepting Flaws with Unconditional Love

You’ll often hear people tell you that if you truly love somebody that you’ll accept them for who they are, flaws and all.

I like to say that when you truly love somebody you don’t see any flaws and that you accept them for who they are.

Critics have found problems with both of those sayings.

However I believe it’s not a problem with the saying but rather a problem with the interpretation of the critic. There are base assumptions everyone has about true love and if you haven’t really experienced it you can’t really understand what the base really is that would make both of these sayings “flawless.” Read more…

5 Ways to Get Equality from Your Relationship

When it comes to people and relationships, both problems and great situations, are met with unequal reactions.

For problems, there are things that are really big problems for one partner but not so much an issue for the other partner and vice-versa.

For great situations, there are things you’ll do for your partner and expect that it will be met with appreciation and enthusiasm only to come to find that they aren’t that big of a deal to your partner.

You’re going to run across both of these scenarios in every relationship, how you respond to them will determine how long you make it.

Your relationship is probably equal, even though you may not think so. There I said it.

Read more…

You Are All Alone

People are infinitely different yet we are able to form relationships with others based on a small number of things we feel we have in common.

When we get to know someone we are only able to take snapshots of that person and recreate an image of them in our own mind. We can never get inside their head and think the way they think or feel the way they feel.

But every now and then we meet someone with a brain that operates at the same frequency as ours — for some things at least.

This causes us to finish each others sentences, say or sing the same thing at the same time, like the same things, or even think the same things. Read more…


The heartbeat is a universal symbol of life.  With each beat it screams, “I’m alive”, “I’m alive”, “I’m alive” — the reaffirmation that you’re still alive is just a heartbeat away.

It’s the silence between the notes that creates the music, without silence, we wouldn’t be able to hang on to every note, to every word.

Music without silence would sound like a bunch of garbled noise that never ends.

Likewise, it’s the choices we make from heartbeat to heartbeat that paint the picture of our lives. Read more…

The 6th Love Language – The Approval of Others

I finally read a book by Dr Gary Chapman called “The 5 Love Languages” first published in 1995, 19 years later the advice in the book still rings true for the most part but because the way humans interact on a daily basis has changed substantially since that time, the book is without doubt lacking in some things for modern times.

After applying some of the things in this book and seeing some success I realized there was something missing to the puzzle that wasn’t talked about in the book. From some deep thinking I realized there are more than 5 Love Languages, I don’t know how many more there may be, but I want to introduce you to a 6th Love Language that doesn’t fit into the other 5. Read more…

The Meaning of Stay With Me by Sam Smith

I don’t believe it was necessarily the song or its lyrics that made this song popular, but rather, the impressive voice of Sam Smith. There are 6 pieces of this song and 4 of them are the Chorus, while the lyrics are few, the impact of this song is massive.

The song dwells on the feelings, wants, and desires that can emerge from having a one night stand. If you’ve been there you can feel the song deep down inside. If you haven’t been there you can only imagine what it’s like to go from a very serious high to a very serious low upon realization that it isn’t going to last. Read more…

The Meaning of Shake It Off by Taylor Swift

If any song ever expressed the “I don’t care what others think attitude” this is the song that does it. While I’m not particularly a Taylor Swift fan I think she did a really good job of moving away from the realm of bad breakups and fantasy love stories that trumpeted as the theme of most of her other material.

When I first started paying attention to this song and it’s meaning it was because of the 2014 VMA performance. Until that point I had just passed this song off as so happy go lucky radio song that would have short term appeal to the masses for a quick buck or two.

After the VMA performance, reading the lyrics, and watching the visual representation in her music video; I had a change of heart. Read more…

2014 Beyonce VMA Acceptance Speech, “I’m so full”

I don’t normally watch the VMAs or anything on TV for that matter except football but I got talked into watching the 2014 VMAs by my girlfriend.

At the end of the show, Beyonce was presented the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, and the first things out of her mouth quickly separated her from all of the other performers I had ever watched accept an award.

Everybody wants to go up there and take credit for their hard work. They start off and end by thanking a list of people including the fans, producers, and other special people in their life. They are grateful, thankful, blessed, and many more things but never have I heard anyone start off their speech by simply saying, “I’m so full”. Read more…

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